Peak District – Howden, Bleaklow & Alport

After my windy walk with Andy last week (“Peak District – Ladybower & Alport Dale”) I decided it was high time for another Peak District outing. There has been rather a drought when it comes to walking of late, what with one thing and another I just haven’t had the time to head out. I feel as though I have made up for it today though with a good route and some fantastic views thrown in, so without further ado here is my summary of where I headed and what I got up to.

Looking westward towards Barrow Stones

I parked up this morning at the small spot near the very top of the road that runs along the banks of the Howden Reservoir (OSGB Ref SK167937). The sun was just rising above the Howden Moors and the light was casting a fantastic colour across the chilly looking water of the Reservoir. There was one other car parked in the same layby but other than that the place seemed totally deserted, it’s the refreshing change that I look forward to in the Peak District when winter finally arrives. The Peak District is the UK’s most visited national park and it is sometimes hard to park or even move for the hundreds of other people who like me, want to experience the delights that the Peak has to offer. Winter brings the opportunity to have the place to yourself. Don’t get me wrong there are still places you can go in summer to get away from the crowds, you just have to head away from the major areas and get out on the routes less trodden. The Northern Edge of Kinder Scout is a personal favourite of mine when I wish to get away from the more frequently walked western and southern edges… anyway.. back to today.
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