Peak District – Kinder Scout – Winter walk with Amy

Amy and I decided to go out for a walk today, we have a fantastic covering of snow here in Derbyshire and the weather was perfect. We headed off towards Edale at about 10am and made it there in reasonable time considering the roads were pretty bad. We narrowly avoided an accident near Hathersage, A transit van in front of us spun out of control and nearly hit a bus.. whoops.

We parked down near the train station at Edale as it was full near The Old Nags Head Inn. We then walked back up past the pub, up the road, over the bridge and off towards Grindsbrook Clough.

The weather really was great, a touch on the cold side but we had plenty of layers on so it didn’t bother us too much. The wind was really strong and icy when we reached the top of Grindsbrook Clough so we decided to head back down the way we had came.

Amy really enjoyed her first winter mountain walk and she can’t wait to go again, fingers crossed when the warmer weather arrives Lisa, Amy and I will spend some weekends up in the Lake District and climb a few more fells there. Why not have a look at the video below I did last winter.
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Kinder Scout – Grindsbrook Clough – Winter Scramble

I’ve just arrived from a nice little solo wintry wander up Kinder Scout. I had intended to take a stroll up to Stanage Edge but sadly the roads were blocked with heavy snow north of Hathersage.

I was in my FTO and it would barely qualify as 2WD never mind 4WD so i decided to head to Edale. The roads are usually well gritted in that area and today proved to be no different.

I parked near the School in Edale and then set off up towards Grindsbrook Clough. Grindsbrook is a nice little scramble in good weather so it proved to be a very interesting accent today.

The river was nearly 100% frozen near the top and had some great snow cover, it was fantastic fun to attack Kinder from this angle although relatively short in comparison to William Clough on the western edge.

When up at the top the weather really closed in around me and an icy wind was whipping up the snow into my face. I decided to take a quicker route home than originally planned, Mainly due to the fact I didn’t want to be stranded if the roads got worse and also I didn’t want to put myself in any unnecessary danger.
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