Peak District – GeoChocing – The Kinder Surprise :-)

Peak District – GeoChocing – The Kinder Surprise :-)


The Geochocing container has been found for a second time, the most recent finder is going to move it along for us and restock its contents.


The container was found by Tom Barnes & his K9 companion on the 24th of March

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I posted a picture on twitter a few days ago of all the leftover chocolate we have from christmas. A few of my followers recommended I should give them away and that they would send me their address. I decided I could go one better. Those of you who are familiar with Geocaching will probably like my new game Geochocing. if you are unsure about what Geocaching is then have a quick read of my blog post entitled “Geocaching” in the archive section 🙂

Anyway, I decided to hide a container full of Chocolate which you can see pictured below. The coordinates for said container are as follows 53.397130, -1.879470. the ordnance survey grid reference is SK 08112 88929. Continue reading “Peak District – GeoChocing – The Kinder Surprise :-)”

Geocaching – January 2011

If you are a regular viewer to my site then you may know that i’m finally getting back into Geocaching after a long break from it, Luckily Lisa & my daughter Amy love it so its making it very easy to get out again. We have had 4 or 5 really good Geocaching outtings over the last few weekends and have come across some nice little local caches.

As there is now such an abundance of local Geocaches we have decided to stick close to home and tick off as many as we can without travelling too far, mainly because its still winter and it goes dark by around 16:30, night caching is fun but i’d rather stick to daylight hours while I attempt to get Lisa & Amy hooked. This weekend we decided to head towards Ambergate which is a little picturesque village in Derbyshire near us. I’d checked out the mapping on and there were plenty of finds to be had to fill an afternoon.
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