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I get a high volume of questions about Wild Camping, i’ve decided to write a post that may answer your questions so why not check it out at “Wild Camping & Leave No Trace”. I’m always happy to answer any questions and you can contact me using the form below. Alternatively, you could tweet me on Twitter or message me on Facebook


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  1. Hi Dean

    I thought I would reach out to you and tell you a little story that I’m sure will make you chuckle.

    A few weeks ago my very good friend “Paul” sent me a link to your Utube channel and your wild camp above Dovedale video. After seeing how amazing the location was we decided to find the spot and enjoy a night under the stars. Both of us are very keen photographers and only live a short drive away from Dovedale, so last weekend we packed our camera gear and after a particular cold night on Chrome Hill a few weeks earlier, we decided to take warmer sleeping bags and extra coffee. Our rucksacks were very heavy and we did not fancy walking for miles so we parked at Stanshope and walked up over the access land and over to the location of the tree looking down the valley. We had a wonderful sunset that evening and we sat out under the tarp leaning up against our rucksacks talking about photography, Terra Nova Tarps and how your cook set went tumbling down the hillside. It was starting to get very cold under a sky full of stars when we decided to get the sleeping bags out. I stood up pulled my sleeping bag out from the bottom of my rucksack and placed it beside me. I then reached for my Thermarest and noticed my £150 sleeping bag rolling away !!! Because I had brought my warmer bag and had compressed it into its compression sack it was like a bowling ball. Within a few seconds it was blasting into the abyss…a few seconds later all we could hear was crashing branches then a split second and then more snapping branches. We raced down the steep slope with our head torches and started to hunt in that jungle of bracken. It was so dark that we had no hope of finding it, we searched for about 30 mins then decided to give it up as a bad job. We returned to the tree and made a decision that it was going to be just too cold to stay, so very reluctantly we packed up and headed back to the car. It was one of the darkest nights I can remember and navigating back down that steep access land to Stanshope was a challenge to say the least.
    We arrived safe at the car and headed home talking about how much walking gear must be lost in them bushes 🙂

    The next morning I returned and hunted for 3 hours but with no luck. I’m guessing that it must have gone some distance and will be lost forever!!

    Anyway I thought you would appreciate the story as you had first hand experience of how quick your gear can disappear down that slope !!

    Thanks Dean


    Ian Soar


    1. Hi Ian, thanks for getting in touch to share your story. It really is a fantastic spot to camp but that hill is cruel, sorry to hear you couldn’t find it the following day either. Hopefully you’ll have more luck next time when you head there, all the best and thanks again for getting in contact and for watching the video. Dean


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