Mark Knopfler & Bob Dylan – Nottingham Arena – 11th October 2011

I’ve just got home from a fantastic evening at Nottingham Arena where I saw Mark Knopfler and his band supporting Bob Dylan on the European leg of his world tour. As always Mark and the guys put on a fantastic show indeed. They treated us to a mixture of old MK tunes, new and some classic Dire Straits material. Mark’s band consisted of Richard Bennett on guitar, Guy Fletcher on keyboards, Jim Cox on piano, John McCusker on fiddle & cittern, Mike McGoldrick on flute, whistle & pipes, Glenn Worf on bass and Ian Thomas on drums.

Mark Knopfler in Nottingham on the 11th of October 2011

If my memory serves me correctly, Mark’s set list tonight consisted of the following.. “What it is”, “Cleaning My Gun”, “Sailing to Philadelphia”, “Hill Farmer’s Blues”, “Privateering” (New Song), “Song for Sonny Liston”, “Done With Bonaparte”, “Haul Away” (New Song), “Marbletown”, “Brothers in Arms” and the encore was “So Far Away”…

I wrote a quick message to Guy Fletcher when I got home cheekily asking if he could confirm the setlist.. He replied the same night so you can be safe in the knowledge that it’s correct. Here’s the link to my question on Guy’s Forum..
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Mark Knopfler & Bob Dylan – Nottingham Arena

View the blog entry for the Concert here. Mark Knopfler & Bob Dylan – Nottingham Arena – 11th October 2011

Regular viewers of my website will know I’m a rather big fan of Mark Knopfler. Well I’m happy to say that it is now less than 2 weeks until I will be going to see him play along with Bob Dylan at Nottingham Arena. Bob Dylan is currently on a world tour and Mark is joining him with his band for the European leg.

If you are interested in attending any of the concerts.. check Mark’s site for dates and hopefully tickets will still be available.. I’m sure it will be a great night and I’m really looking forward to it, even if I have got to go to work straight afterwards 🙂

According to the nice chap I spoke to at Nottingham Arena the concert is going to be split into 3 parts.. Bob and his band… then Mark and his band.. then a big ensemble at the end. The track above is by Bob Dylan and its called “I and I” from the Infidels album. Mark produced this album and its one of my favorites MK & Dylan collaborations. I can’t help but think of the Dire Straits song “Once upon a time in the West” when I listen to it. It has a very similar chord progression during the verses. I wonder if this song will be played during the finale 🙂
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Mark Knopfler – Get Lucky Tour 2010 – Manchester MEN Arena

Lisa and I have just got home from the Mark Knopfler concert at the Manchester Evening News Arena, where to start. It was absolutely fantastic, amazing, breath taking and a Musical Masterclass. As you can tell we really enjoyed it. Mark’s band on this tour consisted of Michael McGoldrick (whistling, flute); Richard Bennett (guitar); John McCusker (cittern, violin); Guy Fletcher , Matt Rollings (keyboards); Glenn Worf (upright bass, electric bass); Danny Cummings (drums)

We arrived in Manchester at around 18:45 after sitting a some traffic on the M60, for a moment there i’d started to get a little worried that it might delay us and we’d miss the beginning of the show. luckily we found a place to park right across the road from the MEN Arena which was very handy and I managed to sneak my camera past the security without being told to take out the batteries.

Lisa suggested I bought a Get Lucky Tour t-shirt to commemorate the occasion and in the picture below you can see my rather excited looking face, I had been looking forward to this night since November 2009 when Lisa original told me she had bought the tickets.

The concert got underway at 8pm and Mark started with a fantastic rendition of Border Reiver from the Get Lucky Album, followed by… What It Is, Sailing To Philadelphia, Coyote, Prairie Wedding, Hill Farmer’s Blues, Romeo And Juliet, Sultans Of Swing, Done With Bonaparte, Get Lucky, Marbletown, Speedway At Nazareth, Telegraph Road, Brothers In Arms, So Far Away and then a fantastic rendition of Piper To The End.

You can now buy the live recording of the concert over at Simfy Live. They recorded Mark’s entire European tour and I have listened to it over and over again, it was the perfect souvenir to commemorate a fantastic night.

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