The Pennine Way – Day 3 – The White House Inn to Top Withens

We awoke this morning to a stunning sunrise over the Blackstone Edge Reservoir, we had wild camped here after having food and drinks at the White House Inn. The sky was a brilliant fiery red as the sun rose above the horizon, there was a think layer of cloud which added to the effect.


We packed away slowly while chatting and had been awake almost 3 hours before we finally got on our way. The sun was higher in the sky so we strapped our PowerMonkey Extreme Solar Panels to our bags and ran off free energy.


The going was good on the graded paths for the first half an hour or so, we reached the north western edge of Warland Reservoir where the route goes back across moorland terrain. As we rose on to the moor we got our first glimpse of the gigantic Stoodley Pike Monument, we chatted as we walked and in no time at all we were stood at its base gazing up at it.


We stopped for a short while to make a quick drink and then had the obligatory walk up the monument. The path then weaves its way down in to the valley and crosses over the Rochdale canal. We got some water from a house where the way climbs back out of the valley. It’s a thigh burner but we blitzed up it πŸ™‚

We eventually made it up to the top of Pry Hill, the way then path drops immediately back down in to another steep sides valley at Colden Clough. We once again stopped for a quick drink before climbing back out again up to Hot Stones Hill.

The path then crosses the moorland at Clough Head Hill, it then drops down towards Graining Water which still had plenty of snow left on the path for us to cross. We then joined the road which climbs over to the 3 Walshaw Dean Reservoirs, the rain had arrived so it was time to don the waterproofs once again.


The climb was gentle from the banks of Walshaw Dean Middle Reservoir, we kept a very good pace as we completed the final hill of the day. We then dropped down a little to a pretty famous location, the building here at Top Withens is said to be Wuthering Heights from the Bronte Book. There is a plaque embedded in the wall which explains more about its connection to the story.

The rain was still falling as we checked out the inside of Top Withens, thankfully however the Bothy which has been created in one of the sections of the house is bone dry… Instead of pitching our tent tonight we have decided to stay in the Bothy, I’m currently writing this post while relaxing in my sleeping bag. We are listening to another section of the Bill Bryson audiobook “A Walk In The Woods”, its an excellent story and I’m thoroughly hooked… Day 3 is complete, bring on Day 4 πŸ™‚

1 thought on “The Pennine Way – Day 3 – The White House Inn to Top Withens

  1. Nice one. I have a walk in the woods book if you’d like it


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