– Peak District Routes

My latest project is a new website called which will be a Peak District Routes blog.

Over the coming weeks I will be adding new content to the site and also some great routes that I have already documented on my personal website . I plan to record podcasts for each route that I do and make GPX files available which can be loaded into GPS devices.


The reason I decided to create this site is because I would like to promote the wonders of the Peak District. I have explored many corners of the Peak and would like to share my experiences with you. If you like what you see, read or hear then you can download the route file and have a go yourself.


The idea came to me while I sat having lunch on the Eastern edge of Kinder Scout. I was surveying the surrounding area and it suddenly dawned on me… In the last 8 months I had climbed to the top of every Hill, walked along every edge and meandered through every valley that I could see. Towards the north I had walked on Bleaklow, then looking clockwise I had stood atop Margery Hill and walked the entire length of the Derwent Edge. I had walked along Stanage and Bamford Edges. I remembered the day I walked the Edale Skyline route and finished upon Win Hill after starting at Lose Hill. I had left no feature unchecked from my list of Peak District achievements. It was at that moment that moment the idea of took shape. I knew it was high time that I set up a website where I could share all my Peak District routes and experiences… Yes… I already do that on but I wanted to create a site that was 100% dedicated to my love of the Peak, it would be my launch pad to promote the joys I have had from walking here. Peak Routes was born 🙂

Thanks for stopping bye and please come back soon.

2 thoughts on “ – Peak District Routes

  1. About time I had some competition! 😉


    1. Haha 🙂 it won’t be anywhere near as good as yours. It will just mirror this site really with more of a focus on routes.


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